Adsense Secrets

There are tons of Google AdSense secrets out there: entire books could be devoted to the topic. To start you out and whet your appetite, here are just a few of these juicy AdSense secrets. If you’re an AdSense advertiser, and you pay per click, and you know you have some ruthless competition, you might want to sign up with a click-tracking program. One of the most annoying AdSense secrets is that some less scrupulous companies will have employees click on their competition’s AdSense ads as many times as possible to drive up the amount they have to pay for AdSense.

If you’re a webmaster and you place AdSense ads on your site, you can customize these ads however you want. You’d do well to experiment with ad customization: try different sizes, different colors, and so on. When one of your arrangements seems to result in a higher number of clicks, you may have found a winner.

As a website owner you’ll also want to avoid a free web hosting company, as sites with free hosts rarely get as many visitors as their paid hosting counterparts. In addition, if you run more than one site, you want to make sure you don’t duplicate any of your content. Duplicated content tends to drive down web traffic, and the less traffic you get the less money you’ll make with AdSense. Finally, here’s one of the AdSense secrets that surprises a lot of site owners: niche sites usually make more money than sites aimed at broad audiences, as niche sites often develop loyal, target-rich followings.

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