Adsense Tips

If you own and operate a website (or more than one site), and sign up with the Google AdSense Program, there are countless valuable AdSense tips you can learn. Hopefully, the AdSense tips listed below will help get you going in the right direction.

First, one of the AdSense tips that many newbies ignore is that you should wait until your website is completely finished and you've started getting a decent following before you place AdSense ads on that site.

Consider carefully where on your site you'll put AdSense ads; you'll want them to be in the places where people will be most likely to click on them. Google has tools, like its website "heat map," that can assist you in identifying these hotspots. (Often these spots are on the left or towards the middle of the site.) Also be thoughtful as far as how large your ads will be. Again, Google can offer you help: they publish a list of the advertisement sizes that tend to draw in the most people.

Here's one of the more fascinating AdSense tips: try to get the ad to blend into its surroundings as much as you can. For example, get rid of the ad's border, as the border will cause the ad to draw attention to itself, to announce itself as an ad. People may be more willing to click on an ad if they don't realize at first that it is in fact an ad.

Finally, it's always wise to keep speaking to AdSense experts and keep adding to your personal list of AdSense tips.

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