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Difference Between Adwords and Adsense

Many people don’t realize there’s a difference between AdWords and AdSense, two online advertising programs run by Google, or at least they think that Google AdWords and Google AdSense are two components of the same program. But these two services are completely separate from one another. And knowing the difference between Google AdWords and Google AdSense is crucial for people who want to get involved in online advertising.

The main difference between AdWords and AdSense is that when you sign up for AdWords, your ads will appear on Google’s search results pages, but when you sign up as a member of the AdSense Program, your ads appear on various websites, sites that are related to the content of your ads. In other words, with AdWords advertisers pay Google directly to run their ads. With AdSense, however, Google simply serves as a go-between between advertisers and the websites which run the ads. That is, Google uses its tremendous technological prowess – its servers, its crawlers, its algorithms – to find the specific websites which are most likely to have visitors interested in the subject matter of a particular ad, and for this effort Google takes a cut of the advertising revenue that those websites earn.

Another difference between AdWords and AdSense is that AdWords uses the pay per click system for charging advertisers, whereas with AdSense advertisers can choose between the pay per click and the pay per mille systems. With pay per click, advertisers are charged every time someone clicks on one of their ads. With pay per mille, advertisers are charged per every one thousand impressions of their ads.

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